• Energy Cut

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    Energy Cut

    Energy Cut is a project created by the DoSomething! charity in partnership with the Australian Government to help cut your energy bills.

  • Nat Op Shop Week

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    Nat Op Shop Week

    National Op Shop Week: More and more Australians are turning to charity op shops to buy clothes. However, charity op shops still need good quality donations. Making a donation can help op shops from running short of stock.

  • DS Near You

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    DS Near You

    DoSomethingNearYou is a portal to connect people with their local community initiatives. The website offers community volunteering, events & fundraising and is even localised to each one of Australia's 16,000 suburbs!

  • FoodWise

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    ‘FoodWise’ is DoSomething’s national campaign to reduce the environmental impact of Australia’s food consumption. We want Australians to become more educated and informed about the food that they eat.

  • Nat Calendar

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    Nat Calendar

    The National Calendar is DoSomething's guide to community events around the country. If you're looking to be involved with an event near you, or you're a not-for-profit organisation wanting to promote a state or national event, the National Calendar is there for you.

  • Save Paper

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    Save Paper

    Save Paper aims to reduce the 1.52 million tonnes of printing and writing paper used in Australia every year by working with Australian businesses to save money and protect the environment

  • Go Tap

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    Go Tap

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    Go Tap

    Australians spend half a billion dollars a year on bottled water. That wastes money and damages the environment. Go Tap campaigns to reduce bottled water use and revive public drinking fountains.

  • Ban The Bag

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    Ban The Bag

    Australians use over 6 billion non-biodegradable plastic bags each year. Made from fossil fuels, these can pollute the environment and harm marine life. DoSomething is working for a national ban on non-biodegradable plastic checkout bags.

  • Help East Timor

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    Help East Timor

    East Timor is a beautiful and culturally rich nation yet too many of its people live in poverty. Help East Timor is DoSomething's campaign to promote investment, trade and volunteering.

  • Free Book

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    Free Book

    'Sustainable Growth' is the new book from DoSomething Founder Jon Dee. It shows that going green can boost business profits. Click here to get a free copy from Sensis.

  • Help Armenia

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    Help Armenia

    In 1989, Jon Dee rallied rock stars to record a cover of Smoke on the Water, raising $100 000 for Armenian earthquake victims. 20 years later comes the DoSomething remix to rebuild a music school destroyed by the original earthquake

  • DoSomething Day 2016

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    DoSomething Day 2016


29th May 2015


Volunteer in your pyjamas!
How 'virtual volunteers' are changing the face of volunteering
Think of volunteering and you picture people delivering Meals on Wheels or helping out in a charity op shop. But in today's busy world, you'll also see volunteers in their pyjamas!
More and more people are starting to volunteer their time online or on the phone. It's called 'virtual volunteering' and you can participate any time, day or night. It's been popular for some time in other parts of the world, but is only now starting to take off in Australia.
With today's International Volunteer Day (Dec 5th), the charity DoSomething are calling on busy Australians to think about becoming a virtual volunteer. Their DoSomethingNearYou.com.au website is now listing virtual volunteering opportunties. View the media release to see what you can do or visit: http://dsny.com.au/vol_day.

Leading charity op shops encourage Australians to 'Op Till You Drop!' for this year's National Op Shop Week


National Op Shop Week 2015 will take place from Sunday 23rd - 30th August 2015. Please put the date in your diaries!


Red Cross, Salvos Stores and Vinnies are just some of the leading charity op shops involved in this year's Op Shop Week. This is the fourth National Op Shop Week and the campaign slogan for 2015 is 'Op Till You Drop!'.


To find locations for charity op shops in your local area, please visit OpShopWeek.com.au - over 2,000 charity op shops are listed on this site!



21st May 2015

Free book shows small to medium-sized businesses how to cut their energy bills by 10-60%.


Australians spend more on energy than many of us realise. In 2012 we spent $9 billion on air-conditioning-related energy bills and nearly $5 billion on refrigeration-related energy costs. We're also spending tens of billions of dollars 1 on fuel products

Read more about the recent project launch of EnergyCut.com.au here.




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